The reason why dogs become aggressive

The reason why dogs become aggressive

To be able to control the anger of the dog first you need to know the cause of that. Research shows that a dog’s aggression is influenced by many factors, including:

– The dog is kept in the cage for too long and must not be exposed to the outside environment. From doing so will also make them depressed, prone to stres. If this goes on, it will lead to neurological effects and what they want is to escape.

– You often force them to do something, or scold, beat them, do not let them play, put pressure on them. From that dog will be very easy to resist and attack you.

– Changing the habitat suddenly, many dogs will want to go crazy, stress, frustration. The common reaction is barking much, ready to engage anyone who wants to touch them. Because they have become accustomed to the environment before, dogs have not yet adapted. The new environment makes them insecure, becoming aggressive like that.

– Dog food. If you regularly feed them raw meat, they increase their chances of being wild and stimulate aggression. It will also gradually make them more crazy, more aggressive and can bite you at any time.

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